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If you love games, then you probably know the problems you can face with continuous usage of the CD. Scratches or bad sectors on the CD can spoil your gaming experience completely. Now the question is how to make a backup copy of a PC game. The answer is relatively simple and you need not have any technological background to make this work.
When you are working on a PC especially with games, it is always wise to learn how to make a backup copy of a PC game. This is because any time the computer gets affected with viruses or a problem arises with the hard disk or operating system and you will have to re install, you are in big soup. This is when you will realize the importance of learning how to make a backup copy of a PC game.
The process is relatively simple as all that you require is a CD writer, a bland DVD or CD which ever will accommodate the game and the software that will help you in this task. There is plenty of CD burning software that is available online and this is where you need to exercise caution with your choices. Make sure you get the software from a reliable source and company that will support you with technical help if you need any.
Once the software is installed, all you have to do is add the required files of the game and start burning it to the DVD. On clicking the burn button, the entire process will be governed by the software. Another important thing about which you need to be careful is that you need to select software that will help you in making copies of copy protected stuff.