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We all know that the Bushnell Rangefinder range of products is the best rangefinder on the market today and that they produce both laser and GPS based products, including a hybrid device that combines both laser and GPS.

We also know the benefits that using one of these devices gives the golfer in terms of improving their course management and as a result their scores.

But how do we go about using these devices at the driving range? Are these rangefinders and GPS distance measuring devices only useful when we are actually playing golf or can we golfers get more value for our hard earned money when we visit the driving range to fine tune our games?

Most average golfers will go to the driving range and concentrate on their technique. We will be trying to increase our muscle memory so that it becomes more second nature when playing a round. Others will go to the range just to hit driver and see how far they can hit it.

This is great and very worthwhile. However we can also equally benefit from fine tuning how far we hit each club and this is where the Bushnell Rangefinder can be very useful. Most driving ranges will have some permanent markers at various distances from the teeing area. If you have any of the Bushnell Laser Rangefinders, take a measurement using this device to each of the markers and write these down on an old scorecard or whatever is available. It is important to do this each time we go to the range since the teeing area will change from one day to the next making these distances different.

If you have a GPS based rangefinder, then provided it has the capacity to capture GPS coordinates (like the Bushnell Neo+) then you can setup a new course consisting of one hole being the driving range and then capture the positions of the permanent markers. It's best to do this when the range if closed!!!

If you have any inquiries concerning where and how you can utilize Best golf rangefinder under $200, you can call us at our own web-site. Now you have exact measurements from the teeing ground to the specific points on the driving range you can work out how far you hit each club and practice hitting a controlled shot to an exact distance. This type of practice will be of enormous use since over time you will determine what is your favourite distance to hit a short iron with the greatest accuracy. This will mean your approaches into the greens when playing a round will be closer to the hole giving you more chances to make birdie. Great for those par fives or short par fours when you have a choice of clubs to hit from the tee.

There is one major consideration here that you need to be aware of. And that is that range balls aren't the same as the ball you play a round with. Generally, a range ball is built for durability and reduced distance. Two factors that are very important to driving range operators. So you will have to be cognisant of the fact that if the driving range you use uses range balls then the distances will vary. A general rule of thumb is to assume they will fly about 15% less than a normal ball. So factor this into your calculations when using a rangefinder to check your distances. Also it pays to use Google to research the type of balls used at your range compared to normal balls.