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In 2000 Northern Rock introduced a new corporate identity consisting of a magenta square containing vehicle name. This replaced the NR 'blocks' logo. For this day however, some branches still display the old logo. The Northern Rock Foundation also changed its logo in 2003 against the NR 'blocks' inline this main company, using the same new typeface. The Red Box Design Group designed all the currently standing buildings at the company's headquarters in Gosforth and have contributed a lot of of the opposite design aspects of the company, such being the in-branch straightening. From 1 October 1997 until federal government nationalisation, their bank used the symbol NRK in regards to the London Stock game.

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Relying while having solutions, you may decide to find the homely French nation style with its handcrafted doorways, the elegant Empress Anne dark cherry heirloom style or the chunkier mission brown jewelry upper body field method.

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On 23 February 2009 Northern Rock announced may would be offering 14 billion worth of brand new mortgages, your next two years, as a part of their new business strategy. This new lending is actually partly funded by an increase in the government loan, a reversal of previous process to pay the loan off as quickly as possible by actively encouraging mortgage customers to leave when their mortgage deal matures. Explanation for this change being government policy raise the accessibility to credit. This 14 billion will be split into 5 billion in 2009 and 9 billion this current year.