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ConvertKit Review

What is ConvertKit

ConvertKit is really a powerful e-mail marketing tool. It’s new to the, and while it hasn’t existed as long as MailChimp or GetResponse, it features a deep set of features. One of its best features is marketing automation, which lets you setup drip or sequence emails and deliver all of them with unmatched precision and timing. Read our ConvertKit review to determine why a lot of people have selected this provider.

Build Your List

ConvertKit offers forms that you could embed directly on your website. With these great opt-in templates, you can begin tracking the number of subscribers you are capturing. Test variations to obtain the opt-in form that works the very best. And put those opt-in forms throughout your website.

Drip, or Sequence, Your Messages with Automation

Automations and sequences can be difficult to wrap your face around. Wouldn’t it's great if you could build them visually? You are able to with ConvertKit! Drag-and-drop your emails in place, set triggers and delays, and send subscribers different messages according to their behavior. It’s state-of-the-art technology that’s simple to use!

Understand Your Subscribers

E-mail marketing is about data. That’s why this ConvertKit review covers reporting specifically. In convert kit reviews ConvertKit, you will see all your subscribers, segments and tags. And you can send one-off emails for them directly. Or move these to separate lists.

Did We Mention Integrations?

As powerful as ConvertKit is, it’s still only an email provider. But it connects to Countless services. Zapier, Gumroad, Shopify and plenty more. You won’t do without!

Consumer experience

Other services like MailChimp (browse the mailchimp review) have place a lot of money into developing a beautiful interface. Some email providers aren’t much to understand. But ConvertKit is beautiful! Its polish causes it to be feel brand new.

ConvertKit Pricing

For ConvertKit pricing, there isn’t a totally free plan, but you can try ConvertKit for free for a small amount of time. We believe you’ll love it.