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About a year ago, my life was going just fine. I had a good job, great family and everything seemed if not perfect, well almost perfect. Hat was until I had to learn how to use crutches.
Then BANG!, I was involved in car accident on the way to work one day that basically put me in hospital for a few days. Like 50% of car accidents, it wasn't my fault. I had been simply driving to work, when I was rear ended by some careless driver.
As I said I ended up in hospital for a number of days (thank god for good health cover). I had broken my ankle, as well as other lesser injuries. Once the doctor where happy with my recovery, they allowed me to leave hospital and go home.
Now obviously whilst in hospital, I had use of their wheelchairs to help me get around. However once discharged from hospital, I was supplied with a set of traditional crutches and required to make my own way around.
Now the problem I had was that I had also injured my left shoulder quite badly in the car accident. This meant almost from the start I found it very painful and on occasions almost impossible to support my body weight whilst using crutches.
For anyone who has suffered the same injuries will no doubt agree that whilst you want to be able to move around on your own, the pain and dis-comfort can actually make you simply want to sit down all the time.
I simply found that because I weigh almost 17st, having the bad left shoulder caused such pain as I bore down on the crutches. Trust me when I say I tried everything. I used just one crutch, best hoverboards under $200 my good shoulder to see how I could get on. Not good.
I therefore found myself using crutches under both arms to try and help lessen the pressure but still found it painless. Also let's be honest, lets be honest old fashioned crutches literally mean you can not carry thing around as you walk.
So basically I found using crutches almost impossible and trust me when I say I felt low.
That was when a friend of my wife asked me why I didn't use a medical knee scooter. My immediate reply was "What the hell is a medical knee scooter?" So I sat down and did some investigating on the matter.
What I found was a device that actually looked like some sort of kids toy. No joke. However I read the reviews on the scooter and even took the time to watch a couple of videos on YouTube.
It quickly became very apparent that this knee scooter could be exactly what I was looking for. So I used Amazon and brought one. Wow, what can I say! It is amazing how easy it is to use. Yes my kids have played with it as a toy, just like they did when using crutches.
The scooter I brought was fully adjustable, so would suit both men and women of all shapes and sizes. It folds down, so you can store it in a car or take it on public transport, far easier than using crutches.
With large 8" wheels means that my scooter is easy to use both indoors and outdoors, especially with the braking system.
So I would strongly recommend looking at using a medical knee scooter as a serious alternative to using crutches, if you find yourself with a leg injury or ankle injury and find it hard to support your own weight on the old fashioned crutches.