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Fashion is an endless sea of solutions, moods, variations, tricks of shapes and colors, moods and individual worlds. This conclusion springs to the surface every time we take a look at its reflections, even in something we are sure we already know well enough. There is always a great deal of space for unexpected turns and brilliant interpretations of something already existing. This journey into the world of watches turned me from the initial "everything about watches has all been said thousands of times" to a state of complete surprise and quiet admiration.
Gucci watches became my personal turning point.
My choice was at random, I had no special purposes just taking a look at the watches exposed at If you have any queries pertaining to exactly where and how to use chrono24hk, you can get in touch with us at our page. The first collection to attract my attention was Gucci Signoria 116 Series, the sixteen variations of spicy joy of life. The collection is characterized by vivid color combinations (often quite contrast ones), a square dial and a whimsical floral pattern winding around the wrist and embracing it. The natural materials used to make the dial significantly add to the warm impression created by these watches: the dials of tiger"s eye, coral or malachite simply makes you want to touch it, to have it on your wrist. My favourite in this collection is YA116312 which stirs something very deep inside and awakens the feeling of freshness and magic by its inexpressibly tender and somehow confident combination of black steel and green malachite.
The collection is diverse both in color and prices: they range from $777 to $11635.
It feels especially good to write about this collection at the time when the mystery of Christmas is about to enter every heart and home, as it fully reflects the warmth, bright and deep feeling of the day.
Another collection (also at, Gucci 112 Series, features models very much restricted in color and the design of the dial. The emphasis is given to the general geometry of the models. In fact, the collection is the demonstration of how simple, even plain shapes celebrate their triumph. Each model in the series is a combination of a rectangle (a broad band) and a circle of the dial inscribed into the rectangle. This geometrical simplicity is compensated by the delicate pattern on the bracelet. So, casting a brief glance at any of these watches you find them more like a piece of jewelry, a bracelet, than like a timepiece. There is something about them that resembles adornment worn by the women of Ancient Egypt, which makes them even more special.
Gucci watches are not the only ones to be found at, there are also Aqua Master watches, Joe Rodeo watches, Techno Master watches and others. Which will become special for you?

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