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Let us understand some best practices to attempt each section in PTE Academic:

1. Speaking and Writing - approx 77–93 minutes

o    Read Aloud

  • Go through the text before you actually read it aloud.
  • Identify the commas, full stops to determine the points of stress & pauses
  • Read the text aloud before the actual recording begins
  • When recording begins, read the text carefully with appropriate stresses and pauses.
  • Use intonation to show the interesting points or closure of the sentence 
  • Learn how to use intonation when reading
  • Read at normal pace
  •  Do not panic if you make a mistake, correct it and continue  

o    Repeat Sentence

  • Focus on the meaning of the words spoken
  • Focus on phrases and intonation as spoken by the speaker and repeat the same
  • Say everything that you remember was said
  • Read at normal pace, don’t copy the speaker’s accent
  • Work on your memory to remember short announcements and try to repeat them verbatim.

o    Describe Image

  • Use your time of 25 seconds to note - the main subject (generally the title), the most important information conveyed, its main features and variations, all labels, meaning on axes, and the concluding remarks.
  • Quickly look at the image and understand it
  • Even if you make an error, keep speaking.
  • Say more about the image so utilize your time.
  • Practice with images that include some trends or comparison like “more than”/”less than”.
  • Do include “in conclusion” statement in the end if that is suitable for the image.
  • If there are two or more values than you should make comparisons - similarities and differences.
  • Image of a process - describe overall all idea, parts, and then overall process.
  • If you want to more practice about PTE Describe Image Practice 2019

o    Re-tell Lecture

  • Look at the image and speculate what is going to be said in the talk
  • Note down the main idea and supporting idea
  • Use symbols and short hand to capture topic, main idea and supporting ideas quickly
  • Use 10 seconds available to organize your thoughts around how will you present it.
  • Summarize main points and add supporting details and examples.
  • Add any implications and conclusions as required
  • You have 40 seconds to present this.

o    Answer Short Question

  • Stay very focused
  • Listen for the question word
  • Answer is usually one word or a short phrase
  • If you have made a mistake - correct yourself